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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where Did April Go?

Holy cow I can't believe that it is already May!  Katie's birthday is Saturday and I haven't even made her invitations yet!  Yesterday I went with my mom to pick up her two new dogs she adopted from the vet.  They had both been fixed.  The black lab she named Izzy is so sweet and the Doberman that I picked out is named Moose.  He really likes me and I taught him how to sit in like five minutes yesterday! He is huge and strong and he is going to be staying with me for several months while he is treated for heartworms.  I have a feeling he is going to end up being my dog because he is going to get so bonded to me while I take care of him during his treatment time.  I just hope he gets along with Suzi and the ferrets and that he makes it through his treament okay.  I can't believe someone just dumped these beautiful dogs out to die when they are so sweet.  All either of them wants to do is sit in front of you and be petted and petted and petted.  I think they know we saved them and they are so starved for love.  As much as I spoil animals I know Moose is going to get plenty of love at my house.  My mom didn't really want him but I talked her into it because I just couldn't stand to think he was going to be put to sleep because he has heartworms.  She is scared of him because he is so big, so she wants me to train him and since I used to train dogs for therapy for the Humane Society years ago, I think I'll be able to do a good job with him.  Everyone says my dog Suzi is the most well behaved dog they have ever seen.  I even trained my ferrets.  I love animals and at one time wanted to work with animals, but now thanks to lupus, it diesn't look like I'll be working at anything but staying alive. :-(

I am in a lot of pain today.  It almost feels like it's going to rain or something.  It figures that the day I need to go to town and get stuff for Katie's party, I feel like staying in bed all day.  I haven't even ordered her cake!  I don't deserve Mother's Day this year...I've been so sick that I really haven't been that great of a mom.  Frozen dinners or drive thrus or grilled cheese have been the staple menus around here since I've been sick because I just can't spare the energy to do all the cooking and cleaning up the kitchen.  I don't remember seeing GUILT on the list of lupus symptoms, but it's sure on mine.

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