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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold, Wet Weather is Not My Friend

It seems like everytime I start to feel better and am able to get up and about for a few days the weather turns cold and rainy and literally rains on my parade of feeling good.  Tonight I am in a great amount of pain.  I actually have tears in my eyes.  I am going to try to find a comfortable position and see if I can get some sleep because I have a ton of medical errands to run tomorrow.  (Remind me to share the funny story about finding a comfortable position tomorrow!)  I need to save any spoons I might waste on a good, witty blog post tonight for tomorrow.  I have to go on a quest for an oxygen machine for me to have to help me sleep at night since a sleeping test revealed my lungs are so crappy my oxygen sats at night drop to 52 because I breathe too shallow.  My insurance company feels the need to haggle with my doctors about their order for my oxygen machine because apparently I don't have enough problems in my life, I need to also jump through hoops to be able to breathe at night so I can actually get a decent night's sleep.  I also have to haggle with them about where to have blood drawn for labs that need to be run for my daughter.  Then I have prescriptions to pick up and have to meet with my daughter's primary care physician to get local referrals for the orders for her aquatic physical therapy, custom podiatry inserts, and neoprene knee braces that the specialist who is two hours away prescribed for her.  I have a feeling that before the day is over tomorrow, given my pain levels and severe lack of sleep, that someone at Blue Cross Blue Shield is going to meet my alter-ego, "Madea." Yes, for those of you just getting to know me, I have an angry, old-school, no nonsense, black lady that lives inside me and only comes out on occassions when I need to break my foot off in someone's rear-end to get things accomplished.  I just hope tomorrow is not the day "Madea Goes to Jail." LOL  Wish me luck!

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