Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dear God

Dear God, is it too much to ask for a regular night's sleep schedule in my life?! This insomnia trip I'm on is really starting to get to me. How can I get to church tomorrow (well actually, later today now) if I can't get some sleep tonight?! Please! I'm begging You to have mercy & give me sleep (more than the standard 2 hours a night I've been getting). My days are wasted in fatigue & naps & my nights are wasted begging for sleep. :-( I can't keep living like this and being totally useless because I am too tired ALL the time to do ANYTHING! I'm getting very frustrated and angry about this. So, please God, let me sleep again. I can't function without rest and it's making my already crappy body crappier. It's killing my attempt at diet & exercise, as well as robbing me of my church attendance and any hopes I might have of keeping my housework done, and have any social interaction that doesn't involve the Internet because when I am awake--like NOW--the rest of the people in my social circle are ASLEEP! You let me have lupus, for reasons only You understand, must you also plague me further with insomnia that makes my lupus kick into action because I'm so overtired, the slightest of activity makes me ill. Please show me mercy and cast this insomnia from my life. The doctors & I have tried everything in our earthly arsenal to combat insomnia to no avail. So now, I know only Your hands can lift this veil of chronic fatigue and insomnia from my life. AMEN  

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